Student Board Members


Executive Board: 

Palmer Turnbull – Co-President


“Hey people – I’m Palmer and this year I’ll be a Senior double-majoring in Political Science & Statistics. I joined SLAM! because it helped me realize that everyone has musical ability and all you need is the desire to learn and embrace your artistic style. Outside of SLAM! I play drums for my band Bummertime, make my own beats, and am involved in Greek Life at Beta and the Infraternity Council!”

Sofia Fondoos – Co-President


“Hello hello! My name’s Sofia Foondos and I’m a 4th year Biology Major with a minor in Hellenic Studies! I’ve been playing music for about 12 years, and I teach piano, but I also spend time playing oboe, english horn, and bells! I discovered my love for music early on, and I’ve always tried my best to spread that love to so many others! I also like to cook, dance, watch movies, and so much more!”

Janna Shakiba  – Internal Vice President 

“Hello, I’m Janna, and I’m a 3rd year Neuroscience major who, in addition to playing guitar and piano, loves to sing. My favorite genre of music is folk, and in my free time I write original songs!”

Kelsey Jian – Financial Vice President 


“Hi all, I’m Kelsey, and I’m a second year biochem major! I play piano and violin, and I’m the finance coordinator for SLAM this year. In my free time, I like going on food adventures, doing yoga, and making Spotify playlists!”

Internal Committee:

Manav Govil – Training Director 

“Hello everyone! My name is Manav and I’m a third year studying Neuroscience this year. I love music, and I play percussion. I enjoy listening to almost anything by the Imagine Dragons!”

Genevieve Ngo – Director of Recruitment

“Hello guys! I’m currently a second year studying Computation Biology, and I love the feel of music! I’m a multi-instrumentalist, playing piano, cello, bass guitar, ukelele and guitar. I love anything R&B, and my favorite artists are Kiana Lede and Sam Kim!

Justin Liu – Student-to-Student Director

“Justin Chuyu Liu is a third-year DESMA major, while also attempting architecture as his second major. Apart from keeping himself alive to meet the deadlines, he also enjoys playing the keyboards. He loves listening to progressive rock, nu metal, alternative, jazz fusion, neo-classical, and everything in between. He also loves cats for their nonchalance.”

External Committee:

Irsyad Adam – Director of Media & Marketing

“Hello hello! My name is Irsyad, and I’m a 3rd Year Applied Math major! I love literally any type of music and listen to anything from Bjork to Future. I’m a concert pianist, but I dabble in a bit of guitar as well. I love eating macaroons and chicken!”

Neeti Indiresan – Director of Performance & Outreach

“Hey! I’m Neeti and I’m a second year MIMG major. I’m a singer and I love listening to music. Some of my favorite artists are Taylor Swift, Harry Styles, Kacey Musgraves, Panic!, TØP, and Yuna.”

Ariana Fadel – Recruitment Director


“Hi! I’m Ariana, a 4th year Philosophy major + Film & Television minor from Monterey, CA. I primarily teach/play guitar, and in my spare time I do a lot of photography, cooking, and spikeball! My favorite artists to listen to are Djo, Hope Sandoval and the Warm Intentions, The Lemon Twigs, and Bruno Mars :)”

Finance Committee:

John Sieve – Logistics Officer 


“I’m a second year applied mathematics major from Fresno, CA. I’ve been playing the drums for about 14 years and have been involved in the marching arts for 7 years. I love to teach my passion to others and am always looking for new music to listen to!”

Karina Santoso – Risk Analyst


“Hey! I’m Karina and I’m a second year Math of Computation major. I’m from San Jose, CA, but I already think that Socal > Norcal just after a couple months in LA whoops. Other than playing the piano and spending way too much time making Spotify playlists, I love to play tennis, eat basically any type of food (and attempt to cook), and travel.”

Vivian Lu – Financial Coordinator 

“Hi everyone! I’m Vivian, and I’m a 2nd year Math/Economics major. I play the guitar! I joined SLAM to help students realize that learning music doesn’t have to be intimidating, and that the most important thing is to have fun! Outside of SLAM, I love watching movies and thrifting.”