How will lessons be conducted due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic?

Despite the enduring pandemic within the US, lessons will still continue in SLAM! We are planning on conducting all musical direction through online zoom classes. Students will experience small rooms up to 12 students with 2 teachers to them.

Which site will I be placed at?

Upon your acceptance, we will refer to the availability indicated on your application and place you at a site that accommodates your schedule. That will become your site for the duration of the quarter.

 How long is each volunteering session?

Site visits begin Week 2 and end Week 9. You are expected to commit to volunteering at the same site for the entire duration of one volunteering session.

What is the time commitment?

Each site visit lasts for 4 hours, which factors in travel time. All sites ares scheduled from 2-6pm, with the exception of Lloyde Continuation High School, which is scheduled from 12-4pm.

Can I apply multiple times?

Yes, and we strongly encourage it. Although we do screen for qualified, passionate volunteers, sometimes we are forced to reject great applicants simply due to scheduling conflicts or a limited number of volunteering positions for the quarter.

What will my classes look like?

Each class consists of two instructors and up to ten students.

How is transportation handled?

We carpool using both personal vehicles and Bruincars to get to site. Drivers using their own cars will be reimbursed after the quarter. We do ask that you take the UCLA Driver Safety course before volunteering so that you are certified to drive the Bruincar.