Student Board Members

Meet our Board Members for the 2016-2017 school year!

President: Adam Takatsuka
Vice President of Finance: Chris Busco
Vice President of Recruitment: Daniel Coles
Performance Director: Kyle Frankhuizen
Social Director: Mike Savoie
External Affairs Director: Hannah Johnson
Student-to-Student Lessons Director: Jason Mally
kristin slam
Recruitment Assistant: Kristin Brill
Finance Assistant: Chris Mattinson





Board Members for 2016-2017

President: Nellie Ponarul

Vice President of Finance: Gillian Saldanha

Vice President of Recruitment: Aimee Varnado

Performance Director: Daniel Coles

Social Director: Mike Savoie

External Affairs Director: Adam Takatsuka

Student-to-Student Lessons Director: Ester Liberman

Recruitment Assistant: Nihal Punjabi

Finance Assistant: Chris Busco

Board Members for 2015-2016

President: Alex Guzner

Vice President of Finance: Lucas Ferreira

Vice President of Recruitment: Noah Stier

Performance Director: Nellie Ponarul

Media Director: Joe Ryu

Social Director: Dane Nakamura

External Affairs Director: Cynthia Pham

Student-to-Student Lessons Director: Ajith Subhash

Recruitment Assistant: Stefan Dismond

Finance Assistant: Gillian Saldanha

Board Members for 2014-2015

President: Alex Guzner

Director of Finance: Ajith Subhash

Director of Recruitment: Dane Nakamura

Performance Director: Noah Stier

Assistant Performance Director: Josh Caine

Media Officer: Priscilla Cheng

Social Chair: Cynthia Pham

Recruitment Committee: Aimee Varnado, Rebecca Snyder, Natalia Gutierrez

Board Members for 2013-2014:

President: Jared Tan

Director of Recruitment: Laura Barrero

Directors of Finance: Joanne Choi, Partow Imani

Media Officer: Laura Dang

Social Chair: Priscilla Cheng

Volunteer Relations Officers: Laura Yau, Alex Guzner

Board Members for 2012-2013:

President: Jonathan Wyatt

Director of Site Visits: Elliot Gomez

Director of Performance: Jared Tan

Treasurer: Jared Tan

Marketing Officer: Joanne Choi

Recruitment Officer: Aaron Oppenheimer

Secretary: Amitai Porat